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Quality is our Commitment

Our Patients

Access to quality Medications is the heart of Agror’s business and we feel pride to be identified as the company of a common man. Infectious disease treatment is still a pressing need in many developing countries. Our ultimate goal is to develop new pharmaceutical formulations to enable affordable access to critical medicines for people in the developing world.

To further improve access to quality medicine for common man, Agror has created an Institutional and Community affair group to coordinate access to our medicines to our local and global communities.

Patient Advocacy: Agror works with several patient advocacy groups to promote health in both rural and urban settings. Working with policy makers and networking, we help generate solutions to existing problems that several communities face.

Our Ethics

At Agror, we believe it is our mission and purpose to build a relationship of trust with patients, customers and employees. Our governance and ethics practices are focused on building a culture of responsibility that extends from our Board of Directors to executives and employees.

Agror’s Code of Business Conduct: This governs our commitment to making safe, quality products for our patients in a manner that complies with international laws and regulations. All employees are required to uphold the code, a commitment they make when joining the company and one they reconfirm every year.

Our Anti-Corruption Policy: This provides detailed guidance for complying with anti-bribery andanti-corruption laws, applicable to our business worldwide. We follow the guidelines set forth by Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other anti-corruption laws.

Our Employees

Every day, Agror’s employees work to improve the health of hundreds of thousands of patients around the world, and their commitment is what makes our success possible.

Our people are essential to our mission, and we work to attract high-performing, diverse talent while enforcing a professional culture and set of values that make Agror a great place to work. We take pride in our commitment to continual employee development and a work environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, safety and health.

Protecting our employee’s safety and health is fundamental to the success of our operations. Agror’s Environment Health and Safety (EHS) management system sets the standards that we aim to meet at our site.

Agror represents a rich diversity of perspectives. Our employees represent Pakistanis of all regions and socio-economic backgrounds. We provide many development opportunities in which employees can expand their professional capabilities.

Our Envoirnments

Agror is committed to safeguarding the environment, acts in compliance with environmental rules and regulations and supports the United Nations Global Compact Program.

Environmental Responsibility:

At Agror, safeguarding the health of the planet goes hand in hand with safeguarding the health of its inhabitants. Here are some areas we have been able to achieve environmental results.

Global Environmental Management:

We introduced a data collection system that tracks key performance indicators related to energy, water, wastewater and waste. We have now begun to incorporate this data for site mangers and encourage communication of our performance internally and externally.


We actively seek to reduce energy consumption and associated GHG emissions across our facility.We have initiated reconstructing high voltage redistribution networks, low cost lighting and HVAC systems and utilizing waste heat.


We have a water sludge tank to treat waste water and we work to reduce water consumption at our facilities through careful management of manufacturing processes. Water saving measures include installation of recirculation pumps and upgrades in monitoring systems.


Effective waste management is critical to our manufacturing processes and our environmentally responsibility efforts. We have mutual agreement with National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC) Pakistan for proper waste management.

Our Manufacturing

From building design to our manufacturing equipment, to our supply chain of network, we have systems that assess quality at every step. We have third party suppliers that provide us with raw materials and packaging that enable us to produce finished products ready for supply.

To ensure quality control we have in-house quality control tests of each raw material from different vendor to ensure quality of our finished products. We have established two or more sources for key materials with just in time (JIT) inventory management system. We have well established supply chain and distribution system that ensure safe and secure timely delivery of our products to warehouses of our distributors. Our team ensures proper products storage and handling at these warehouses and ultimately supply to every pharmacy in that particular geographical area.

Our Community

Agror pharmaceutical facilityis located in National Industrial Zone Rawat, Islamabad,a mix of pharmaceutical companies Cluster Park surrounded by small villages and expanding urban organized communities like DHA Valley. Our larger goal is to invest in communities where we do business and contribute to day to day life of people.

About Agror


Agror Pharma is the state-of-the-art Cephalosporin manufacturing facility which started its operations in Islamabad, Pakistan having operational designs meeting US FDA, EMA & WHO cGMP standards.

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